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Hi, I'm Shequan Palmer, Founder, and Director of VS Pageants!​Perhaps, like some of you reading this, I grew up believing pageantry was out of my reach because I didn't look the part, or that I wasn't good enough to be a "pageant queen". It would be later in adulthood after winning my first pageant that I'd begin to realize  I've always been royalty... Pageantry has always been a passion of mine, but, growing up, my family couldn't afford for me to participate in such activities. Finally, at the age of 33, with the support of my family and friends,  I competed in my very first local pageant and won in all categories of competition. Soon after, I went on to compete in my first international pageant and placed in the "Top 15". Many said my placements were unheard of as a first-timer. Throughout my journey of competition, I started to realize how much I wanted to help other interested girls and women part​I believe now is the time to put my passion and purpose into action! I am excited to introduce Valley of The Sun Pageants, an experience that I hope will become a staple of growth, confidence, and leadership in the lives of women of all ages across the valley!


Ms. Shequan

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