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Miss Juneteenth 
Scholarship Pageant 2023

A South Chandler Self Help Production

Director & Coach:  VS Pageants

The South Chandler Self-Help Foundation, Inc. is proud to present the Miss Juneteenth Arizona Scholarship Pageant, an Elegant, Bold, and Beautiful community event! Through this pageant and other community engagements, the South Chandler Self-Help Foundation strives to expand the experience of young black females beyond community and circumstances. The Miss Juneteenth Arizona Scholarship Pageant will showcase and celebrate the many academic and artistic achievements of contestants vying for the title of Miss Juneteenth Arizona.

Contact Shequan Palmer for more information. 


Casting: Female, Of African Decent, Current High School Students

Grades 9-12

Fee: $100


Miss Black & Gold 2023

A  Mu Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Director & Coach: VS Pageants

Opens July 2023 | Pageant is scheduled for October 2023

Participation in the Miss Black and Gold Pageant empowers young women to achieve their personal and professional goals, while providing a forum in which these young ladies can obtain scholarships to further their education.

As a role model for young women, Miss Black and Gold should be well spoken. She must be concerned with issues facing the Black community and our nation. And she must be poised, genuine, kind, talented, and classy.

Casting: Female; Current College Student

  Fee: Free



Sash Class

By VS Pageants

Sash Class is designed for women, of all ages, who are looking to take their pageant experience to the next level. This class is led by Shequan Palmer who has a wealth of knowledge in the pageant industry and is dedicated to helping each Queen reach their full potential.

Casting: Women of all ages

Fee: $50/per hour; Advance booking discount available


Miss & Little Miss 
Valley of The Sun

Directed by Shequan Palmer

Pageant is scheduled for October 2023

Valley of The Sun Pageants is a fun, bold, and innovative organization that will help to change the world for today’s women of all ages! The delegates who become a part of The VS Team are in for a life-changing experience as they gain valuable confidence, poise, and grace in an increasingly competitive pageant world. 

This competition doesn't just focus on external beauty, it will also allow each delegate the opportunity to showcase their inner beauty, as well as share their dreams, goals, and aspirations! They will grow and advance their personal and career goals while becoming role models in their community.

Casting: Female,  Ages 5-17
Fee: $525



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